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Need legal advice?

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Наше адвокатское бюро предоставляет полное юридическое обслуживание, представительство и защиту. Мы уверенно представляем интересы наших партнеров на профессиональном уровне независимо от сложности дела. Обращайтесь к нам за очной юридической консультаций, чтобы мы смогли решить Ваше дело за короткий срок.

Dr. Koncz Law Firm Budapest - ugyvedi iroda budapest jogasz
Dr. Koncz Law Firm Budapest

Our legal services

Основные области


  •  Полная юридическая консультация

  • Составление и проверка контрактов

  • Купля – продажа, мена и дарение недвижимости

  • Представительство в делах кооперативных домов

  • Регистрация хозяйственных товариществ

  • Представительство в процессах возмещения вреда и ущерба

  • Представительство по налоговым делам

  • Регистрация фондов и обществ

  • Представительство в уголовных делах

  • Проверка юридических лиц и недвижимости

Our special fields of expertise


Property law


Criminal law


Family law & inheritance


Claims & compensations


Commercial law


Media regulations


Copyright & intellectual property


Financial law


Corporate law


Civil service law


Personality rights


Contract law


Civil organizations

Courtroom Budapest

About Us

The dr. Koncz Tibor Law Firm has been successfully acting on behalf of its clients in all kinds of legal cases since its start in February 2012. Our office located in the 16th district operates a diverse practice concentrated mainly on civil, corporal and criminal areas of the law, protecting private individuals, businesses, organizations and authorities alike. We provide all around legal services to our clients, enabling them to have their best interests represented efficiently and quickly.

Dr Tibor Koncz

Dr. Koncz Tibor

The founder and chief attorney of the firm, dr. Koncz Tibor had graduated the Szeged University Faculty of Law and Political Sciences in 2007 then collected extensive practical experience at acclaimed Budapest law offices in the fields of civil and criminal cases, commercial and corporate procedures and out of court settlements.

Representing the dr. Koncz Tibor Law Firm he's been attorney for domestic and foreign clients successfully since 2012.

expert legal advice
Dr Monika Horváth

Dr. Horváth Mónika


Phone number: 06 30 842 2271

Why choose us?

§ We are 100 per cent dedicated towards our assigned cases from the very start untill its closure. Your success is a matter of prestige for us

§ We offer fair and reasonable prices always negotiated in advance so that our clients would have one less variable to worry about
§ During the procedure we take care of everything that needs to be undertaken (e.g. editing and forwarding documents, meeting with specialists) while keeping you updated
§ Our client oriented firm acts for you with the highest expertise, felxibility, speed and efficiency
§ To be able to reach the highest legal efficiency we utilize our extensive network of connections for your cause. Our firm maintains close cooperation with a wide range of institutes, advisors and specialists (e.g. property market, credit, tax, customs or technological specialists), we even have access to the services of forensic experts if needed

Dr Tibor Koncz lawyer

Law Firm at Budapest

Dr. Koncz Law Firm occupies a special place among Budapest law firms. Pleasant, quiet, discreet XVI. We welcome you in our district office with love and a coffee, and whether it is a real estate, company law, criminal law or litigation matter, we will surely find the most optimal solution for you.

In many places on the web, you can find a directory of lawyers, which lists the law offices in Pest and Buda with their address, phone number, and other contact information. You can also meet the Dr. Koncz Law Office on sites such as or, which collect Budapest law firms. However, you will not find prices on these pages, because the specific prices of the lawyer's services cannot be published on the lawyer's website due to the position of the Budapest Bar Association.

You can find out more about this in detail during a telephone, personal or e-mail consultation, during the personalized consultation, which the selected law firm in Budapest will provide you with. However, our legal services are not limited to Budapest. If you need a lawyer in Budapest, we are of course at your disposal, or in the countryside, so you can count on the help of lawyers in several other cities in different cases, in different legal fields. If the interests of the client and the case so desire, you can use our office's legal support throughout Hungary!

A good lawyer in Budapest, as in any other city, will make sure that, in addition to various cases, he represents your interests to the maximum from the very beginning. Whether it is the drafting of a sales contract or other real estate law topics, matters related to advertising or media law, representation in litigation or company founding - our office contributes with personalized services to ensure that the outcome of the case is as favorable as possible for the client.

Ask for our expert advice right from the start of your case

  • Our clients often get the legal answer they were looking for in the first hour!

  • During our consultation we thoroughly analyze your described situation, examine the documents, evaluate the circumstances, then based on the relevant parts of the law and actual court practices we provide you expert legal advice and action plan.

Fees an charges of advocacy

Although according to the current regulations and its official interpretation by the Budapest Bar Association public listing of the exact prices of legal advocacy is not allowed, we are ready to give you detailed, precise numbers by means of direct communication on the phone, in e-mail or personally.

The amount of the fee is based on the nature and complexity of the case, the duration of the assignment, the value of the underlying subject, and the extent of the official responsibility required for the matter. There won't be any hidden expenditures left after finalizing our assignment contract. Payment of the fees is due in advance by default. This can be a one time fixed sum, an hourly rate, a portion of the subject value or won amount, or the result of an agreed custom calculation. We inform you before our agreement about procedural, administrative and other expected charges of your case. Most of the time we are able to provide legal answers and action plan for your problem in as little as one hour. It is a fundamental goal for us to provide cost effective solutions for our clients.

We offer special discounted monthly prices for businesses, organizations and other types of clients that require continuous legal representation.

Dr. Koncz Tibor Law Firm

Office hours on weekdays 09:00 - 19:00


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Phone number: 06 30 241 2865

Phone/Fax: 06 1 405 4000

65. Batthyány street Budapest 1161

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Legal entity: Law firm

Registry: Budapest Bar Association

Registration number: 3801

Tax number: 18277528-2-42

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